I wish i knew…!

but uptillnow what i know about myself is that im

a procastinator

very moody


i like to be in good physical shape it plays a huge role in my inside well being

i love music

arts in general

i have a talent that i realised im killing with my own bare hands

i love family

i like being part of a group

when it comes to work i prefer doing things on my own or to be handed certain tasks.

i might be creative although it still doesnt show…

i dont think am a true artist, i just like to paint!

i appreciate a certain degree of randomness, although i also appreciate a plan!

i like to know where am heading.

Home a place i like to take off from and return to, but mostly i like to be outside doing all sorts of things.

i Dont fall inlove easily yet i am now surprisingly inlove for the very first time. Its amazing how it just hits you like that totally unexpected even more totally uninvited… It hit me and i didnt see it coming!

am sick of all the “I’s” i just said :S

i panic at the simplist situations yet i can be very composed at the worst of them.