by Shadows

Our first encounter was while u were changing at the gym…

our second encounter u were sitting infron of me training and i was laughing (u thought i was laughing at you).

Our third encounter was when i had just finished training and hany offered that ud give me a ride with ur motorbike (i said yes and that was our first one on one chat!)

Our fourth encounter was before Eid  i assume it was “el ad7a”, u approached me at the gym while i was training said hi and asked me what i was doing fl eid then u suggested that we cud meet maybe go out given that u’ll be in Egypt during this Eid. You offered me ur card and asked me to call you. (which i found kinda strange, i gave the card to my trainer and decided i wasnt going to consider it specially that i did not know u well enough and did not like the approach.)

Our fifth encounter at a gym outing i went with my dad and u happened to be there too. i was extremely embaressed given the fact that i never called. i pretended as if nothing ever happened and tried to enjoy my food and avoid eye contact (u were sitting at the far end of the table and i was sneaking glances at you sitting next to Ms X sharing whispers, i strangely felt unease.)

Our sixth encounter was through BBM u added me i accepted (happily), we talked a couple of days through bbm then we got to meet, u first passed by at the midan while i was walking pongo with pa :)

You then left for work for more than a month.

You  sent me a life changing email on the 23rd of March, i replied on the 25th.

I then accidentally bump into you the next day and find out ur back in Egypt.

Next day at college i suffer a nervous breakdown.

I send you a msg aplogising u reply the next day.

We stop talking for abt 10 days.

On the 6th of April we had our life changing 2hr phone call.

We meet on the 8th of April @ Manousha (First time for us to officially go out) you gave me a drive to korba to c my friend in the hospital while ur friend and his wife were having marital problems!

Later i got to meet ur sister and 2 of ur closest friends :) we went to crave and had lunch :)

On the 22nd of April my Mom first saw u and ur mom first saw me when we all went to villa belle.

On the 30th ur parents officially came to visit and we read the fat7a.

You invited us to ur place on the 6th of May.

I bought my dress on the 9th of May.

We bought and decided to individually wear the rings on the 11th of May.

We got engaged on the 20th of May.

We celebrated with ur friends the next day at Almaz Swiss inn ;)

Saturday 4th June.

23rd of July.

24th of July story telling.

27th of July preparing for the goodbye.

28th of July goodbye.







B L A N K…..

Conclusion: (Unexpectedly genuinely Happy :) )