ثورة النور

by Shadows

1st of Feb. (المليونية)

This day i was proudly in Tahrir square amongst 2 million people.

I could hardly move, it was like a sea of magnets all stuck together and although am claustrophobic and hate crowded places this was one of the best and proudest moments of my life.

There were no fights there were no frowning faces no harassments i felt totally safe while moving in a crowd full of men from different social levels, they were all keen on keeping the women safe and comfortable…

I saw the elite and the beggars standing side by side, i saw the nun and the veiled, the Azhar scholar and the priest all calling out for freedom and change, i saw the 23-year-old young man who was a victim of “قانون الطوارئ”  or shall i say IS a victim given the psychological pain he’s suffering post the incident that put him through 3 days of hell in a dark room…  he was unable to tell me what had happened to him in that dark room… his eyes started tearing as he was recalling…

I saw the young children taking part in shaping their own future by calling out for freedom, justice and honour!

People were there with their tents, there were ppl selling food and others giving out food and drinks for free!

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I must admit that the events that started on the 25th up till this moment have really changed and awakened something inside me/ us… it awakened the sense of belonging to a land, a country, a home. it made me come to the realisation that it could never be any country but this, this is my land my territory and i will fight for it and for its well being with all i’ve got. AT LAST I FOUND SOMETHING WORTH FIGHTING FOR AND EVEN MORE… DYING FOR!

before the 25th i had plans for leaving the country and immigrating, but after what happened i have turned from someone hating the country and wanting to leave to someone who wud feel like a traitor and a selfish bastard if ever thought of leaving.

On the 25th i saw hope… i saw LIGHT!