The 14th Of September Was My Birthday!

by Shadows

Well… I thought this year my birthday would be very special.

I usually never celebrate my birthday, but this year i wasnt expecting a celebration more than just being with the one man i love.

On my birthday my father woke me up and told me to meet him for breakfast at the new place n st.9 La Gourmandise, i got up took a shower grabbed my laptop and was on my way… we sat there from 1pm till 5pm :)

Then i went back home and sat there thinking of what to do…( i was planning on accompanying myself to el leila el kebeer, the day before my birthday i went to buy a ticket but they were all sold out!) so while sitting there i received a call from a friend wishing me a happy birthday and asking abt how am i going to celebrate it, so i told her that i was willing to go to the ballet but i found no tickets and that am trying to find something interesting for me to do!

Then she was like “Oh well that’s no problem, i have an extra ticket for todays ballet!”  :))))))))) yaaaaaay!

How unexpected out of the blues is that :D

so i got all dressed up wore a black short dress, high heels and black stockings (normally i don’t do short and i don’t do heels!) but i did because it was my birthday and i wanted to treat myself and so i did :)

My pa lent me his car for extra comfort on my special day :)

After the Ballet i took off and was on my way home but i called Cindy she was home so i told her i’ll pass by.

Cindy ordered KFC for us coz i was hungry, we sat and chatted a little, Yasmeen was freakishly sick  and Mimi gave me my 3edeya it has been a very long time since i last received a 3edeya :))) It was in brand new crisp fives :) it was such a beautiful touching gesture :)))

On my birthday i received a very the least i can say beautiful sms from cindy my unbelievably special one of a kind friend that made me very emotional.. it said…

Thank you for being there when i was happy, in love,angry, sad, pmsing, crazy, hurt, in pain, sick, ill, heart broken, out of love, rational and not :), wondering, afraid, terrified, on the road, off the road, cursing, dancing, learning to salsa or to ride a bike, eating sushi or imma being, being under a sky full of stars, being with me while i was writing the hardest email, blog post, phone sms and the hardest talk..

Thank you for being you..i love you so much, i appreciate your existence so much, thank you for choosing to be my best friend, my sister, my well of secrets and for letting me in yours… Ive told u b4 i want my kids to learn alot from u and i still stand my ground..everyday i learn something from you and from your pure soul ..b7bk ya Rana ya 7bibty :) kol sana w enti f3ln tayyba w 7nyna w gamila :) mmwah

Through the whole day i’ve been day dreaming abt unexpected things and out of this world scenarios that could take place on my day…

The only unexpected that actually took place was the extra ticket, the 3eddeya :D and receiving many unexpected birthday wishes that put a smile on my face…  i cant really say i was actually HAPPY that day, but i was surely very GRATEFUL :)

I’m now 24!

Thank You.