29 Nosy Genies

by Shadows

So Thursday night was the night when i witnessed 29 shooting stars… :)

There were so many stars that they looked like little tiny diamonds floating in vast space, creating beautiful formations.

I could draw pictures by moving my eyes from one star to another, i drew faces houses and flowers.. birds trees and owls.

The longer you gaze into the starry sky the more captured u feel. i reached a point where i felt that am being sucked into infinite dimensions.

Laying under a starry sky can make you lose sense of time and place.

The silence. its the flow of life to the mind… i almost forgot that i had a mind and that i have thoughts and that i can think and imagine!

That night made me realise how trapped and besieged we are…!

Who can we charge and hold responsible for mind washing a whole nation…?

I want to remove my blindfold. I need to remove my blindfold.