Day dream VS Reality

by Shadows

A part of me still doesn’t completely believe that this is real.

THIS was once upon a time one of my day dreams…

The only thing that seperates a day dream from reality is the amount of perfection.

My day dreams are ridiculously perfect; everything is so smooth, everything is full of goodness and blessings.

In my day dreams i have the most intreseting conversations,  theres also the undeniable chemistry, the unstoppable flow of thoughts and the insane humor.

Theres the mutual understanding; like we both have each others manual :)))

My reality is as perfect as any other reality can be.

In my reality if i:

mess up,


be cruel,

be cold,

have mood swings,

nag ,


stamp my feet,

be so stubborn,

Or let my insecurities get the best of me.

Im still offered a helping hand a shoulder to cry on, im given the best advice, i’m paid attention to, im cared for and looked after…

I recieve the sweetest gestures from a bouquet, an unexpected message, a small confession, a spontaneous decision to take me somewhere i long to be :) to just hangin out after work when feeling tired and having an irritating cold…

Above all i’m still SURPRISINGLY loved!!!

Thank you for offering me a perfect reality :)

I promise to do my best to make it a mutual perfect reality. i owe it to you… i owe it to us  (Liberally) :)