by Shadows

While watching Love happens days ago, something completely ordinary caught my attention in the most extraordinary ways.

All of a sudden i was amazed by the act of clapping and how powerful it is.

Then a question came to my mind, who was the first person ever to invent such a gesture?

How did people agree to actually use such a two handed movement as a way of showing approval or admiration?

Did they think it was silly at first?

How did it become an international way of expression?

If people were able to agree on a hand signal as strange and simple as clapping then there is definatly hope for many things to come if only we UNITE….

Clapping, a substitute of many words to be said at a moment of admiration happiness pride and appreciation….

When i tried asking Wiki about it i found this:

Clapping originally wasn’t actually what we know now as “clapping”. It actually originated in ancient Greece when theaters were not very popular. After every performance, most all (which was very few) audience members would pat the actors on the back as a sign of respect and praise, but eventually that became an arduous task, so people eventually began saying that one hand is the actors back, and the other hand is your hand and they would slap or “clap” it.

Hmmmm… That did not appeal to my brain much, i expected something more interesting! :)

And while searching for more i bumped into this short film:

It nearly gave me the satisfaction i need, and the search goes on :)