by Shadows

Yesterday i’ve been to a Cello & Piano recital… two of my Favorite instruments, they played for Chopin and Schuman.

For me it was one of a kind experience, getting to listen to a cello and a piano playing chopin together on there own was just perfect for me its all i could ever wish for :)

Although i was missing the company of a special person in this very special what do u call it moment…

I miss sharing my things with that person, and because my things  are very few and most of the times negligible they rarely tend to come to existence, so when they do it would be nice if they would be shared… and even better provoked to surface… provoked to existence!

I sat beside a foreign old man that night :) while i was sitting there i could recognize a smell that i knew i knew so well, it didnt take me longe to figure out what that smell was, it was the smell of my grandfather the smell of giddo maher the smell of old men in general!

YES! old men do have a signifcant odor, i call it the smell of wisdom and clarity… u know that clarity we experience till the early period of our teenage life and then feel it fade away before ur eyes, u lose that ability to see things as the bigger picture and you unwillingly sink into the ugly details and discover all of a sudden that uve become part of it…

Well if this is any remorse, that same clarity will reincarnate and exist again in the same body ( maybe not “THE SAME” maybe a bit of a lack in collagen, less desires, hopefully better sense of fulfillment and definatly more stories to tell given that your not suffering from Alzheimer’s).

Right now all am experiencing is flashes of clarity that come and go so swiftly… but ohhh how sweet the taste of clarity is!

All the time at the recital, i was expecting that person to make a quite unapparent entrance… But in the end what is expecting but a source of dreaming, and do dreams come true…?

Its 7:00 now and Cindy is passing by were going for a super slow drive given that shes driving while listening to some uplifting music/ songs.

I like a Fast high way drive while listening to my favorite music.

You probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyways :)