La gelosia, l’orgoglio, la sensibilità, la colpa

by Shadows

One thing that i recently discovered abt myself is that i am a VERY JEALOUS person.
im jealous when u least expect it and im not when its most commonly that i should.

I also learned that too much pride can hurt… i have too much PRIDE!

Naturally after knowing that i have too much pride comes the discovery of me being too SENSITIVE at the silliest of things.

Lately i caught myself having this tendency of BLAMING others for my crap. im glad i caught that soon before it grows like a bad cancer.

This brings me to the thought of, should “Blame” be an option in the first place?
i mean is there situations where blaming would seem to be perfectly fine and in context.

Having to have quickly thought abt it, i think that “Blame” in any situation is a primary sign of weakness…