The most tender embrace

by Shadows

Today i bought a new bookmarker… a turquoise bookmarker, it’s a satin turquoise ribbon with turquoise pieces of glass at each end, the glass parts are separated by silver like pieces…
Turquoise. a color i love and appreciate but less likely to wear.. It’s a peaceful color especially in glass…

GLASS. One of my favorite elements it makes me feel safe, because it’s see through, because light is able to penetrate it.
It shines and twinkles.
Allows u to witness the most magical of scenes yet keep u safe and comforted.
When u breath warm air on its cold surface, u get to draw a heart with ur finger in a slow careful motion and watch it fade away…

At the bookstore, I passed by the children’s section had a flashback that took me back about a year ago, and left me there hanging with that memory in a melancholic state.

Am forcing myself to move on, watching myself from outside in great pity, watching the struggle I’m going through to simply move… to “move on” dragging my bruised spirit behind me on a coarse ground.
I imagine that things will keep intensifying till the pressure is unbearable and I will end up exploding creating a whole new galaxy of mine, I believe it’ll be a pretty scene. I hope…

Facts are sometimes unable to change the direction of our emotions, sometimes emotions can be much more stronger and overwhelming, they can take over what u have left of remaining sense.

I thank God for the faith I have been blessed, it is the only thing keeping me soulful and somehow collected.

It’s when I steer towards the light several times through the day, it’s only then that I truly feel the raw form of affection.
The most tender embrace!