My will

by Shadows

In my funeral I want my family and friends to dress in white I don’t want them to mourn for long, I don’t want them to cry too much and they should try to smile as much as possible.
There shall be white and green balloons and plants with any kind of flower.
I want them to serve fresh juice.

When it comes to “Al ghosl” I want a total stranger to do it, someone that has no idea who iam and never met me before, no one that knows me shud be allowed around me at that stage.

I want everyone I know from near or far to be there at salat alganaza, starting with my parents ending with the security guards and janitors…

People that have to be there apart from family are Cindy and her family Mimi, Yasmin Habiba, Mahmoud and Cindy’s beautiful uncle and her aunt Fatin, Mohammad Salah, Heba Ragheb and Yomna Khalid,Iftis (Ibtesam), Dr. Abdelaziz.
Last but not least Hassan Khalil.

My belongings shud be divided between my closest friends Cindy, Salah, Sarah and Hassan.

I want my diaries to rotate around those four for them to read.

in case of having my own children and husband then my belongings shud stay “home”, and my home shud be welcoming any of my close friends who feel like going through my things whenever they plz each of my friends could pick one special item that they think reminds them of me to keep… and my diaries will still be rotating for them to read.

If I die after any of my parents I want to be buried beside them.

If I die before then they both shud make sure they are buried next to me.

I want letters of gratitude to everyone that came across my life sent on my behalf… make them smile!

Plant a tree on my behalf and name it after my first child’s name as a dedication from me. If I haven’t got children name it after me with the quote “we enter naked, we exit naked and in between we spend our life trying to cover up.”
And one of my favorite Quran verses “…و جعلناكم شعوباًو قبائل لتعارفوا…”