Cinderella’s greatest fear

by Shadows

Rana says:
hey girl….

,, says:

Rana says:
how r u feeling

,, says:

Rana says:
cry it out go wash up etwadi w salleelo… i did so my self..

,, says:
i cant cry
tears are frozen inside my eyes
i can feel the blood boling in my veins
but i cant cry

Rana says:
life does it over and over again yet everytime seems like there very first time

,, says:
he was gona b 29 this november
.. he was alone
and now he is alone
in a fridge somewhere in a strange hospital in a strange country
when u come to think abt it.. he travelled to die

Rana says:
thats just a body but hes not alone

,, says:
it was his first time for him to ever ride a plane
he was so excited

Rana says:
death offers the most rosey introductions somtimes said (12:21 AM):

Rana says:
the pillow always helps a tear to flow

,, says:
i dont want to cry..
msh 3yza .. 7’yfa a3yt

Rana says:
That will never happen!

,, says:
my mum cant stop crying and telling me that i turned to an ice girl
w ezay ana msh monhara

Rana says:
ur not its just that the moment u cry it is definatly a very true and sincere moment… it will be
coz all these thoughts smashing against the walls of ur head will end up to one collected true emotion.. not necessarily sadness

,, says:
ana msh msd2a nfsi
islam tawafa
am looking at his email account on my msn list..
i cant believe it

Rana says:
belive it ya cindy and not only believe la2 prepare urself… prepare urself becoz the fact is its not the first and will not be the last time that such a thing happens
such a “natural” thing

,, says:
death in my greatest fear of all

Rana says:
you know that this is what we need to change
treating death as the boogy man… treating it as being BAD!
remember what marwa fl msr7 said
the story she tod us abt the man that had his house explode with his family inside
remember how it sounded like a tragedy but ended up to be a hidden disguise
a bless
blessings dnt necessarily appear in the most pleasant forms
the trick is to see through
and beyond…