In random order

by Shadows

The List
In random order

The list is a rough sketch that describes the man i would care to grow old with.

I have never imagined i could end up making a list of things i need in a man, although i have tried several times to do so, but my trials were all in vain.

Suddenly things have become clear to me… maybe because i was that close to that example of a man!

The list may seem too perfected; the list may contain many things i do not possess myself.

And because it is simply insane to wish for things you know you are not worthy of, i doubtlessly am working on BEING that person, for when he comes i will know that i am deserving of him.

The list is my guide… so i guess i will need my friends to tell me what are the things that i already possess from all the below. :)

o Funny

o Kind

o Patient

o Beautiful in my eyes

o Generous with his smiles

o With at least average intelligence or more

o Excited about life with a wide range of interests

o Ambitious

o Good at one thing- be it talent or career

o Willing to trust me and let me in before i trust him

o Able to talk me through things, take my hand and lead me gently (leader, provider and supporter)

o Able to give me advice when I need it, and listen when all I need is to be heard

o Supportive and encouraging

o Offers me the sense of security and completeness I need

o Brings out the best in me through clear communication and positive motivation

o Doesn’t care about cultural stereotypes or what people think

o Isn’t afraid to get a little crazy every now and then

o Generous.

o Dependable

o Does not have a bad temper and isn’t insecure about his manhood in such a way that he needs to constantly prove it

o Is okay asking me for help and lending me a hand when i need it

o It wud be nice if he has a good successful career- but isn’t essential

o Socially extroverted

o Can just fill a whole room with talk and laughter

o Doesn’t feel awkward or weirded out easily

o Feels comfortable expressing love and affection to me in front of family and friends without being too shy and conservative about it.

o It wud b nice if he’s a bit built…

To be continued…