by Shadows

Its 2:10am
I made my warm coco, preparing to go to bed.
Listening to Chopin prelude no 4.
I want to go to college tomorrow, i miss my pen and paper.
Waiting for the effect of warm milk to sink in so i can sleep easily, im in no need to think a lot before going to bed.

I went to my dentist today, the one that i think im beginning to develop a crush on him (prelude no 15 raindrop now), i just cant help it he uses his wicked charms on me throwing and asking comments and questions that i know for sure its no more than a doctor who likes complimenting his patients…
Although somewhere inside me hoped that it was for real, a part of me that i cannot deny, a part of me that i have to force into silence, a part of me that is so feminine…!

Im looking for somthing to wear on my cousins engagment day… i still have to look i hope i can find somthing that really looks nice on me and for a good price…

Am planning to go to Nagham masry’s concert at rawabet isa :)

Good night blog spot…ohhh forgot to tell u that i named my bike “Sanabel” :)