The trick is to…

by Shadows

Today im going to make the pepper fillet i was supposed to prepare yesterday but didn’t coz Metro had no fillet…

Yesterday on my way back from metro empty handed shereen called me and told me to get ready as fast as i can coz she will be picking me up and taking me to Egypt Vs. Italy match, so i went home gave dad the bad news that there was no fillet promised him i’ll make it up to him tomorrow bought him gateau from tortina and told him that i was hitting the road and heading to the stadium.

In the car and on our way shereen noted that we were going to the match ticketless, and gave us the “heeeey guys come on everything will be just fine, were going to get there find tickets enter so easily, find perfect seats enjoy the match and WIN!” in such a relaxed laid back tone, we arrived, we found a nice place to park we entered for the price of one 30 pound ticket, sat in a good spot bought “masr” T-shirts, and WON the match. It happens that everything shereen said actually did happen! (The trick is to BELIEVE!)

We went back to Maadi ate at dido’s st9 all of us with a headache and a killing need to sleep.
Arrived home by 2 :S
To find dad downstairs cleaning his motorcycle :)

Through the whole post match phase all i could think of is “When the Cindbind and the Big MO know that i went to that match without them for free and our team won an extraordinary 4/2, it’s gonna get ugly :S )
But if it’s of any remorse they didn’t play that good anyway… :/

Have to go feed my cats and buy the fillet now… planning on cycling at night.
hmmmm isn’t the weather just great these days :)
(The trick is to Breath)

And Hassan if your reading this i miss u!
(The trick is to set a date for us to meet) although u can really get on my nerves so easily lately and u can somtimes be a pain in the… bs ur still good guy!
w shereen kant betes2al 3aliek!