Nousa :o)

by Shadows

Today at 11:30pm at the doctors clinic, i met Nousa a nine year old sudanese girl along with her father who was wearing his native clothes which i admired alot it looked beautiful and Nousa was wearing a tiny “isdal” :)
she told me a couple of intresting riddels like “eh el tedakhalo el talaga w yefdal melahleb?…(el shatta)
eh el fel ard akhdar fel soo2 eswed w fel beit a7mar?… (el shai)

she lives in hadayek el maadi and she goes to school by metro she gets off at gamal abdelnasser heya f talta ebteda2ui… she explained to me how to make “3aseeda” a kind of food, and told me how she likes to draw i asked her what does she prefer pencil or colors she said pencil :) like me when i was young i liked pencil and water colours :)
she seemed very smart, she had this bright look in her eyes beatiful smile and an even more beautiful laugh :)she was really pretty and had the cutest most kissable cheeks.

Nousa held my hands tight while explaining to me how to make a salad and told me abt a sudanese cooked meal called “Kambo”.

Nousa let me rest my head on her tiny shoulder and was very embracing:)

Nousa made my day:)