by Shadows

Goodbye friday ride…

Fayoum im on my way… work…


i was looking forward to that ride, and now am not going.

Dont dwell on the facts, for they are unchangeable, they break ur dreams and leave them unmendible…


its not as bad as it sounds, its just that somtimes certain things are a now or never moment.

but sill i think i know better by now i know that i can make from any moment a million dollar moment only if i want to, it is in ur hands to create ur own heaven on earh, manifest ur own eutopia :)

its in ur.. my.. our hand!

now am going to “eskenderella” with some freinds.. correction! most precious of friends actually :)

im here now at work sitting in a room with hagar ahmad and sameh and am feelling extremely comfortable between them :)

but still im ging to miss tomorrows ride :)

lisening to Goodbye- dont dwell(tracy chapman), dnt knw why- those sweet words- come away with me ( norah jones) :)