The big bike day :)

by Shadows

Today my dad bought me a new bike, a RED peugeot bike:))), we went riding for abt an hour and a half it was really nice…
we went back home expecting a bigger bike.. a motor bike :))
“el 3arousa” arrived at 1:30am we paid the guy and drove till 4 am :))
my god that was one hell of a day!
although it was best for me and my future to stay at home and study… but oh my god that is a one moment i couldnt hv missed!
i can catch up on my studying better after enjoying that one in a million year moment, (my first time to ride a motorcycle and my fathers first time too, since he was 13!)
the roads were very tempting to keep us going so unbelivably empty, the weather was nice and chilly and every time we’d decide to go back home we’d go “errrmmm.. naaah lets ride a little bit more!” :) we decided to go cilantro st 9 to celebrate, midnight ppl look different and much more intresting there… i saw the vocalist in cairokee i dont knw his name but he was there man!! oo oooo oooooo at that very minute i remembered cindy and that if she was there with me she wudve attempted to go and say hi and maybe take a picture with him :)))
Today is the BIG BIKE day :)