Five dozen’s of red Carnations!

by Shadows

Today at about 2:45 and after attending my first ever “ossos tasmeem lecture”, i decided i didn’t want to go straight home…
i called a couple of friends but they weren’t available.
i remembered that earlier i glanced a young boy selling really pretty flowers near college so i thought of buying some for Mimi, when i called cindbind she didn’t know when she was finishing… so i thought ok.. then i’ll buy them for Mom, she loves flowers.
i bought her 5 dozens of red Carnations, and headed home.
Got there after going through ugly traffic, horrible heat and suffocating car fumes.
Mom was sleeping when i got home, so i fixed the flowers, looked for vases and put the flowers in, they were too many and all i could find was 2 vases, my dad was waiting for me, we were having lunch together, i was in a hurry, so i left the remaining flowers where they were so ma could find them an extra vase.. i knew there was an extra one but i just couldn’t find it…
i woke her up before i get going and then left, she told me to go by taxi and not take the car, why i don’t know, i mean i know shes not going to use it.. but anyway!,
on my way to dads my phone rang, it was mom :) yeh i smiled, i imagined that she got up saw the flowers liked them and was calling to tell me that she liked them.. they smelled nice.. anything.. .
and i was like ahh i can’t answer in the taxi coz i know i might sound weird when am excited, but i thought i don’t wanna mess the moment, so i answered…
yeh i answered!
she was shouting/yelling i couldn’t understand a thing she said…
she was like wut r these flowers?
wut r those flowers doing in the kitchen?
wut am i supposed to do with them?
And she kept going on and on…
And all am thinking of was “this cannot be real!”.
So i hung up coz i couldn’t deal with the situation in front of the driver and called her when i got off, entered dads place, she asked to talk to him, and told him that he should take me to live with him permanently!!!
He hung up, then asked “wut happened?”
i said “i bought her flowers!”.

But at the end of the day… i bought my mom flowers!
i learned that when u do something, u shouldn’t ever expect/imagine reactions.
Do good for the sake of doing good.. Its possibly the only action that requires the LEAST amount of sacrifice.

And in the middle of the day at abt 4pm, i wanted a friend to know that just today i started to feel truly happy for him.. sincere and from the heart!