by Shadows

I woke up on the sound of my window banging several times in a slow motion…
The wind is strong today and apparently the temps r going back to normal.

Im heading to Alex after a few mins., im going to spend the day there with my pa, hes willing to attend a match (i dont know who against i dont know what!).
but personaly the fact alone that im there is just soothing.

I was supposed to go to the Nagham masri concert today with El cindbind and Hassan, but when u come to think of it how many times will u go attend a match in alex! :))
Nagham masri r always there, one smart thing i learned in my still getting started life, is never miss an opportunity for change.. im in the mood for change.

I took my little sketch book with me, just incase…

Somthing tells me that today is special.