by Shadows

the weather is getting warmer every day, the berry tree sprung new tiny fresh green leaves, usualy thats a sign of season changes.
yesterday in the metro i felt that the air was thick, i got the feeling of stillness although there was constant movement, above all stillness in my mind a freeze with a haunting presence…

i woke up today to find that my cat had urinated on my bed while i was sleeping, such a pleasent thing to rise on.
i shud be heading to elcindbindz now, shes going to give away her black kitten to a friend of mine from college.

i put polly and dodo food, dodo ate and is now sleeping and polly is fasting i guess he didnt come near it, hes now sitting next to me giving me the look the “tasbeela” look!

msh kefaya shkhet 3ala seriri “yabo shakha” 3al ra2yek ya mimi!
men el wade7 enaha genat fel 3ela ya tant :S

hmmm well i guess am goin to rap it up now and get going.