by Shadows

El cindbind (Cinderella). my friend. she’s one of those people that u don’t realise just how beautiful they really are the moment u meet them, just like anything precious in the world, (diamonds were once hiding under dull rocks!)

El cindbind, God she’s so pretty as in looks, frankly I noticed how pretty she is after getting used to her, and after memorising her facial details by heart, she has deceiving looks, the kind that can make u underestimate her level of beauty when seeing her for the first time and then discovering by time how blind u were.
she is a beauty.
a precious kind of beauty, the inside out kind!
she has an unbelievable sense of humor.
she’s smart with big brains and a big heart.
she’s a good friend, and a great future wife and mother!
she’s a fighter a survivor and a lover for life.
she’s really good with details, very careful with them and points them out easily!
she holds such creative imagination that lead to creative ideas, which means she is far from boring! :)
I love how she exactly knows what her rights are, and how she’s never hesitates to demand them.
I love how she stands up for other people, even if those other people were strangers she never met and never will meet!
I love how I feel safe with her, she’s someone u can relay and depend on.

**Those last 4 or 5 points are things I would love my kids to learn from you ya cinbind :)

El cindbind is sometimes overly sensitive about little things, I guess this is the one major thing that might piss me off abt her!
And because I know how strong of a woman she is, I really hate it when I watch her allow her insecurities to get hold of her and swallow her up.
I worry when she’s too sarcastic, I get the feeling that she’s trying to hide something behind all the laughs and jokes.
I hate the way she plays around with her kitty cats it’s too frek’n aggressive!!!

But in the end she is still one of a kind, so special in her way and very very precious.
She is a bless to all the people she enters or even simply passes by their lives.

She is a fairytale!