by Shadows

aslong as im alone im ok.
aslong as there isnt other people feelings included im ok.
aslong as im not too close not too far im ok.
aslong as im dealing with other people issues and mine are out of the picture im ok.
mingling my issues with others is not a really good idea.
im always ok but not nessecarily happy.
one man needs to feel peoples love and warmth every now and then.
one man needs to feel that somone really cares.
one man needs to be taken care of looked after, just like a little baby.
one man needs to surrender unjudged.
i need to surrender, but im always afraid, of what exactly? im not really certain.
surrendering means letting go, letting go means getting deeply involved, deeply involved means too many details, too many details means complicated, complicated means problems, problems mean pain.
im afraid of pain!