Awaiting the reflections

by Shadows

Today was a kind day.
i noticed somthing different abt somone with me at college, somone i dont know well at all but had a situation with in my first year of college, an unpleasnt one… and today i thank the circumstances that made me react the way i did that day 3 years ago, today i touched the meaning of offering goodness and recieving it inreturn, even after 3 years!
it doesnt matter how long it takes, as long as u belive in your heart that what u once gave will not go to waste, it will reflect back at you, it will self reincarnate and come back to you in its best of forms (best varies and is very relative).
on my way back home ostaz sherif a 60 somthing year old man gave me a ride back home.
he had silver hair a tidy silver beard and light skin with small eyes, he looked a bit turkish, he was dressed nicely and it seemed like he took good care of his car mechanicly and cleanliness wise, he had omkolthoum playing.
He was talkative, not boringly talkative though.
i really dont remember how he started up a conversation with me… but we talked abt people and how he likes dealing with foriegners because he feels that they respect the hole fact that he or anyone else is a “human being” and that only being one made u such an important person with many rights to demand and many services to offer.

he then asked me if i was orthodox or protestant, i told him neither and immedietly asked him why would he ask me such a question, and that it wouldnt make any difference finding out my religion and we had a talk abt that a little, which i guess impressed him because he started complimenting, praising and flattering me all the way home till i was abt to burst… but he did it in a way that seemed that he really believed what he was saying there was such sinceraty abt him that really got to me, he made me wish that him having “a good sense abt ppl” was really true(as he claimed he has), so that all the things he said abt me could be true!

he also noted that he thinks that im underestimating myself, and he wondered why… but my usual answer was ready (as he wasnt the first to point that out for me) “that im simply being realistic!”.
in the end, i discovered that there is one important thing we (sherif and i) share an incommon passion for, which is the love of people, regardless their color race religion or beliefs…

im a little concerned abt my colleague, the one i talked abt in the very start… didnt seem ok, noticed weight loss, tired eyes, yellow face.. i dont know… i just hope everyone is ok!

i prepared my painting corner all the tools are ready…waiting for me!
Awaiting the reflections in my life and on my canvas.