Part 2

by Shadows

Part 2 includes a “bad memory” and a “hurry”!
well the one most important incident was the safari till now… i went on a safari with a battery-less camera, what makes things worst is that there was so much to capture, they would’ve been amazing shots… the women there were so much like the women described in “wa7att al3’oroob”, the one thing that really caught me was the striking eyes…

she was standing in the corner gazing at us, all that connects u to her is that little naked area around her eyes, its the only window for her to reach out.. that IF shes allowed to!
her from if u imagine her as a silhouette was like 2 pyramids on top of each other a big one on top of a smaller upside down pyramid, she was wearing something that looked like a black tent with a colorful gelbab underneath, the black cover on her face had beautiful work in gold and some metals with earrings attached to the cloth… black kohl filling the brown eyes.
underneath all that magic hides a little infant carried on her back, i went inside said hello and departed, it was so warm inside that tent, the boy was laying there asleep like hes still inside his mothers womb… safe.

the camels were sitting as if they were parked, the owners standing beside them yelling “ta3ali ta3ali”, all surrendered to their first invitation call and i decided to take my time and pick one i like… i walked between the camels and it didnt take me long to settle on one… the owner was a female that stood still next to her female camel, she stood silent for women are not allowed to speak without the permission of their men there, i liked her silence and i liked how her camel seemed so different than all the others it was brown with relativly long brown hair, beautiful eyes, long eye lashes, busy mouth and the kindest sweetest look ever :)

phone ringing ested3a2.. hv to go, will be bck again!