by Shadows

my hair is a mess am swallen, sleepy all the time… hibernating.. hibernating in hurgada, i miss cairo.

made friends with Abdallah he’s from Aswan, hes cute and he used to work in Movenpick too! wonderful coincidence…
he has a natural sense of humor and is very spontaneous in an elegant comforting cozy way :)

yesterday i met Jean Paul a 39 yr old french man who’s been living in Scotland for 8 years for work… Jean is a Yes man, he quite his job only because he felt like he wants to do something else, he decided he wants to enjoy life and achieve all of his wild dreams.
amazingly i managed to talk with him for a long period of time and amazingly i understood his accent that souded like one tounge speaking both English with a scottish accent and English with a french accent, on the bus back home jean asked me to join him for dinner, i said i couldnt because we dont tend to do that here in egypt and because am with my mom on a vacation so i couldnt possibly leave her all alone on dinner!
i told him i was flattered and that it was very sweet of him to ask me, the guy turned red for gods sake, which made me feel kinda like woohooo and my feminine side started singing halelouya!

well ive got alot of things i want to spill here but my dad just called and i need to go now, so, i guess i’ll be bck!

p.s 3ndi soda3.