Will Miss!

by Shadows

Abla mervat, Amira, Ahmad bta3 el room service, Abu bakr, Mohamad, 3m mohamad el shayal, Nariman el tayeba el gamila, mdm mary, 3m Toma (hamada) bta3 el faluka webn 3amo 3m mohamad hussien, 3m 3awad 7ares ma3bad nefertari f abu simbel, 3m nagy el sawa2, wel chefs kolohom… i will Miss them all.
i came to the realisation that Nubian’s could possibly be the real Pharaohs… i mean with this spirit between them, all the love and dedication, there is a possibility that they were the ones to actually build the great temples and come up with the most complicated scientific and astronomical discoveries… they are attached, constantly in love, passionate, warm hearted, dedicated and faithful…
i really needed to stay there for a longer time so i can rub some of there goodness on me!