no mint, no sugar :) good company.

by Shadows

Today was a strangely flexible day. although it took me an hr and a half to get from maadi to mohandessin, i mean come on i would’ve made it from Cairo to Ein el sokhna in that time.. ironic!

On the road,
But still life is fair. in return i got to ride in a new comfy Hyundai Verna taxi, with a sweet driver and a CD player, he had some crappy music on at first then i asked him if he wouldn’t mind to change it and he gave me a couple of Cd’s to choose from.. tamer hosny.. ihab tawfee2.. shereen.. asala.. amr diab… pop mix and om kolthoom… it was 4:20pm the sun was warm, we were driving on the kornish and i can see many palms far at the horizon, so it felt like an om kolthum moment that i just couldn’t resist… Mohammad Sha3ban (the 50 year old driver from Gena upper Egypt) kindly turned on om kolthum for me… the sound was perfect the weather was perfect, the traffic started to increase but with “el sett” playin in the afternoon, u would feel completely numb if it was all the traffic in the world ur stuck in. it was a magical hour, it always is at that time of day…

At Cindy’s,
it was mostly silent, she did most of the talking i would respond, she seemed to run out of things to say and this is when it gets all awkward, i fear that she might think I’m holding back or am hiding things and that am not sharing and opening up, but simply i was never the narrator!
i mostly respond… don’t know if that’s good or bad…

she kindly made me green tea without mint:) and she bought me 2 swiss rolls, and she made me beleela bs she forgot to boil the sugar in with it so the milk was sweet and the beleela was… but effort appreciated.
i spent 5 mins with Yasmeen and Habiba in the same room with the door shut, these 5 mins were capable of making me feel that ohhh my god i should go buy myself a coffin right away and get ready to die, but amazingly they did that in a comic kinda way!
The three sisters are a completion of each other, they complete each other in such a harmonical funny hysterical way, they are like “ya 3in ya leil“, whatever that means :)) there simply amazing!

Mahmoud… my friend whether he likes it or not, he IS! he’s my buddy, howa ahh 2alesh and somtimes he’s a pain in the bagoonies but that’s wut i like abt him :D i mean at the end of the day im sleeping in maadi and hes sleeping in mohandessin :))

i really wanted to see “Tantel gamila :) bs i didnt want to bother her… so i decided i shud write her a letter, habibaz pen was a pieceof crap so my handwriting sucked and the pen didn’t even make it till the end of the letter so i got out my pen and continued.. i hope she was able to read it, and i hope it planted a slight smile on her face :) coz she deserves it!

On the road back home,
Kindly Hassan gave me a drive to maadi :) and he made me listen to the new Dido album which was very soothing and made me feel sleepier than i was already! on the way i discovered i forgot my phone and my coat. the day before i also forgot my glasses at nanuzana mastoola. FACT!

i forgot to tell mom “i missed you, why didn’t u call me all day?” although i really wanted too… el 7aya talahee… we orderd burgers, fed the cats, cuddeled them, fought over the computer… nagged at each other like cat and mouse (as usual)… mom went to bed and here iam sitting on my blue chair writing… :)

Word of the day,
“a3ooth bellah men 3aynin la tadma3!”

**cant wait till WednesdayAswan prepare ur palette, here i come**