Strongest kick.

by Shadows

Ali. the new member in our family. Ali and i had the most wonderful conversation today. Ali is 2 and a half months old. he likes snoopy. so do i. so does his mother. so did my late dearest lovely aunt Mona. i should mention that Alis mom is also called Mona… if i ever have a daughter i will call her Mona, that is one thing i know for sure. i told him that i was ready to trade my snoopy 7asala with his snoopy pyjamas, and i think he liked the deal. i inherited the snoopy 7asala from my late aunt Mona. she died young. she was beautiful and smart. she had kidney failure. she was very young when it was first diagnosed. i guess she was still in high school preparing for college. she married Luigi an Italian man, with a big belly, huge mustache and a kind heart. he loved her, she did too. they never had children. Mona was the youngest, and she was my favourite aunt. i’d always feel so happy whenever mom tells me u remind me so much of Mona, or when grandma would call me Mona by mistake.
i hope Ali and i would grow to be good friends. i think he would be a gr8 football player coz he keeps on kicking all the time… u never know maybe he’d end up to be on of the greatest swimmers, something like Micheal Phelps but the Egyptian version of him, the swimmer with the strongest kick ever!