by Shadows

Laying in bed sleepless… the window is wide open.. the air is so cool.. the silence is so strong that somehow its deafening.

Its a full moon tonight, a silver spell splashed into the room filling it with magic and charm…, bed.. floor.. and walls they’ve all been blessed by the silver touch of grace.

The wind is strong, i can hear it finding its way to my big old berry tree, caressing her leaves so softly… giving her voice, allowing her to speak… Its amazing how her first words sound so much like the sea, you cant really tell the difference… :)

Colors in the sky vary with every tick the clock makes… pitch black.. Navy blue.. dark bluish purple.. greyish purple.. light blue… Blue.

Laying there a small tweet is heard coming from an awakening bird out there in the vast space… announcing the uninvited break of dawn.
i haven’t had my sleep yet, but what can i do, the clock will never stop ticking, the world will never stop spining, neither should i stop living.
Life goes on…
its a new day, a new chance, a new clean start…

That fact alone, would now allow me the sleep i’ve been striving for the whole night… i close my eyes, surrender and let myself sink away…