Far from the wedding crowed

by Shadows

As i speak softly with the wind and smell the beautiful scent of humid wood, i hear the twinkling sounds of condensed mist dropping on crystal water… and far away the sound of a piano playing at the horizon, as i dream away and remember the beautiful days i spent with him… i remember me sitting far from the wedding crowed and music playing into my ears, his firm voice sweetly interrupts, i turn around and look at his eyes while he speaks, i do not answer and turn back again….It has just rained.. leaves are wet.. They seem like glinting golden stars when sunlight hit there wet surface.. its the prettiest glitter u could ever see…I walk away heading to the apple tree i remember Adam and eves story of glory as i feel my bare feet crushing the yellow poor leaves underneath…i can see the sweet petals from the forlorn roses, flying.. rising up to me from behind the high yellow hedge.. I smile at there appearance, just the same as i smile at sunrise.. And now they are ready to land on a beautiful white silk dress of a beautiful bride and land on the shoulders of a great groom…”till we meet again heavenly petals” i speak to my self..i walk away heading to the southern falls.. wash my self with my 3rd creator.. water, pure land water, forgetting everything, i splash my face starting from my chin rising up towards my forehead sinking down along my hair.. the air hits my soaking face stabilizing the temp. surrounding my body… now im recharged, and without any introductions i start sprinting all over the fields, so glad, so happy, so SATISFIED!