by Shadows

today i could feel winter in the air, that same relaxing smell the cool air, winter is my season i belong there, the only thing i like abt summer is when i start missing winter, then autumn comes and the next thing u know… winter breaks!
this is when i start taking a good deep breath this is when i find myself, and this is when all the inspiration starts and all the new beginnings take place!

i wonder why most people wait till summer to plan for weddings and celebrations?!

if i were out to describe winter id say its when u start enjoying ur warm coffee, take long walks in the early morning, feel the remains of summer crushing under ur feet, its when all shades of yellow brown and little green dominate natures palette… its when u don’t mind the sun, and when u start finding the feeling of the warm ray caressing ur freezing skin so soothing. when u wear a bunch of soft cuddly clothes, when u go to bed as if ur throwing ur self into a swimming pool and after just mins everything becomes all nice and warm, and u start enjoying ur fat soft heavy cover… (and thank god for having the “house” with roof and windows and the “bed” with the “heavy warm cover”… such a taken for granted luxury.)

i realized the past few days of the necessity of planning, and how it helps u relax and feel some how secure, also helps not regretting the hours that pass without really taking advantage of, the hours that pass where u don’t live the moment, the hours that pass uncherished!!

*Winter officialy starts on the 22nd of December*